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  Based out of Northern New Jersey, Vertical Fixation was formed in 2016, and though they are still growing as an aerial troupe, they are quickly making a name for themselves in the local scene. Performing with bands from all around New Jersey, at festivals and Renaissance Faires alike, Vertical Fixation seeks to bring the magic of aerial arts to all stages and genres.


  Performing on Lyra, triple trapeze, ropes, chains, silks and slings and bringing with that acrobatics, flow and fire arts, Vertical Fixation combines the grace of aerial dance with the punch of athletic ground work and the dazzle of light and flame.


  Taking traditional circus style and skills out of the box and using their unique flair to bring it to life, Vertical Fixation combines the classical grace of traditional aerial arts and the freak show quirks of sideshow and vaudeville into and eclectic and quirky performance that will draw you in to their bizarre wonderland. Adding their individual unique flair to all of their performances, Vertical Fixation loves to work with their clients to create a special performance like no other, merging their unique style with your individual event and theme to create a truly special and magical experience for both you and your guests.

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